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Slip & Fall Accidents

Choose A Firm That Will Stand Firm When You Slip, Trip Or Fall!

Falls are the third leading cause of unintentional death in the U.S., accounting for nearly 32,000 deaths in 2014.
– National Safety Council

Slip, Trip and Fall (STF) accidents are commonly caused by property owners not maintaining a safe environment for those using his or her property. STF’s can occur in any public place including your workplace, a residence, a business, or a state or federal building. Property owner’s must be found negligent to recoup compensation for your injuries during a STF accident. Common unsafe conditions that may cause an STF accident include:

  • Wet product or spills on floors

  • Deteriorating infrastructure

  • Loose, irregular surfaces such as gravel

  • Clutter, obstacles in aisles, walkway & work areas

  • Inadequate or missing signage

The moments after a STF accident are very critical. It is most important to report the occurrence with the owner of the property or their agent. Be sure to take pictures of the conditions of the area during the accident. Also ,document key information, such as the date, time, and location of the incident.

Property owners or occupants can be held liable for injuries sustained by any person while on their property; this concept is known as Premise Liability. Property owners have an obligation to maintain a safe environment for visitors. Typically, the environment must be considered unreasonably dangerous and is not dependent upon owner knowledge of the condition.

Premise Liability claims include unreasonably dangerous conditions dealing with  Walkways/Sidewalks, Equipment, Buildings (entryways, awnings, stairways, etc.), Aircraft, or Any property (fixed or moveable) owned by others.

Premise Liability claims often include lost of income, medical bills, pain and suffering, and physically disability.

Premise Liability cases can be complex; call the Stephens law firm today and we will handle your claim and give you peace of mind.

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Simply phenomenal from start to finish. Mr. Stephen is very professional, efficient, and personable. He kept me informed throughout the process. He understands his client, very insightful and is an expert in his field. Overall great experience and highly recommended! Thank you, Mr. Stephens!


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